"I have had an interest in photography for more than 50 years. When I came to Todd my picture-taking had become stale. It was as though I was taking the same picture over and over. Todd showed me how to "see" again. I saw pictures I had been missing for years. He introduced me to Photoshop and the world of Digital Photography.

Now I feel I am able to express myself as an artist with a camera."

- Bob Speer

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Private Photo Lessons ~ Take Better Pictures!

Todd Rundstrom's

You choose the topics and we’ll work at your speed.

Split the cost and double the fun when you include a spouse or friend.

$50 for a one-hour lesson (one or two people)

$75 for a two-hour lesson (one or two people)

Skill Levels & Topics

Beginning Photography

A Brief History of Photography

The Power of Photography

The Magic Triangle: Shutter Speeds, F-Stops and Film Speeds (ISO)

The Art and The Science of Photography

How Cameras Work

Digital vs Film

Load Up: Batteries and Memory Cards

Start Shooting!

Learn How The Autofocus Works

Removing the Confusion on Memory, Megapixels and Resolution

Make Prints

Sharing Your Work: E-mailing, Blogging and Forums

Saving and Archiving Your Pictures


Intermediate Photography

Styles and Classifications of Photography

Manipulating Shutter Speed and Aperture to Your Advantage

Using the Preset Scene Modes – When and When Not To Use Them

Using the Different Flash Modes

A Discussion on External Flashes


Posing Individuals and Groups

Shooting Indoors vs Outdoors

What is White Balance

File Formats: JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PSD. What Are They And When To Use Them


Advanced Photography

Making Money With Photography

Camera Formats: Compact, SLR, Medium Format, Large Format

File Formats: JPEG & RAW

Lens Choice

Learn to Look at Light, Capture Light, & Manipulate Light

The Color Spectrum and Subtleties of Color Temperature

Using Studio Lights

2 light – 3 light – 4 light Setups

Lighting Ratios

Assisting: What, How and Where


Beginning Photoshop

The Power of Photoshop

Take a Tour of the Palettes and the Menus

Opening and Saving an Image

The Difference Between JPG, PSD, TIFF, EPS, and GIF – And When To Use Them

Adjusting Color And Contrast


Image Size

Saving, Printing & Posting


Intermediate Photoshop

Deeper Discussion of the Power of Photoshop

Love Those Layers:
Working with Multiple Layers
Visible and Hidden Layers
Linked and Unlinked Layers
Adjustment Layers

Add Text

Selecting Parts of an Image

Feathering Your Selections


Go Back in Time - History and Snapshots

Fantastic Filters

Working with PSD files and Flattening Images

Black and White

Spot Color


Advanced Photoshop

Discussion of Ethics When Using Photoshop

Combining Multiple Images

Removing Glass Glare

Fixing Stray Hairs

Removing Color Casts – Such as the Green Tint From Florescent Lights

Whitening Teeth

Removing Blemishes

Color Spaces: RGB & CMYK

Preparing Files for Print or Publication

File Sizes

Creating Actions & Batching Actions

Creating Web Galleries

Digital Scrapbooking

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